Tuesday, 21 April 2015

To Hit or Not to Hit

So I was talking with my girls the other day, well more like arguing/having an interactive session about guys that beat their wives or girlfriends. First of all, a guy can't just wake up and start beating his woman unless he's been possessed by some certain demons, or has a p past history of his father beating his mother or has one issue or the other, which is why we should know who we end up marrying! Ask questions about his past, his family and so on, by asking you are never at a loss, as it will give you an insight on how your future together will look like. Because if he saw his father constantly beat his mother, he may think it’s right and will take that hand with you. Or if he was abused or molested as a child, this could also be another cause. Beatings can be lashed out because of anger or frustration on the man’s part, but, no matter what, I don't see any reason why a sane man should lay fingers on a woman. Honestly, women will talk; they've been talking right from time. Men out there should just learn how to accommodate and compromise that is why they are the head of the family.
And women even the bible in Colossians 3:18 says:
"Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord". The day you accepted to marry that man in the presence of your family and friends you agreed to give your all to him, and that also includes submission. He cannot be talking one and you're talking two. Something like three is bound to happen! When you're dating and your boyfriend hits you, you can easily leave him and go away but when you're married, you can't just up and leave, you might have kids to consider and you can't keep running away because it’s for better or for worse. But when it comes to a stage that he beats you daily without you provoking him, and he's taking out his frustrations and anger on you, then it’s time to make a move.
We talked about women that get beaten when they are still dating and believe that when they get married, he'll change. My dear let's be honest with ourselves, he's beating you when he hasn't met your parents or paid a single cent on your head, how will it be like when he does??? In a situation like that, prayer is the only key and leaving him would not be a bad idea. There are also women that provoke their guys because of the makeup gifts they get! Seriously why not just ask him instead of allowing him hit you then in the morning you get flashy things in return? Most women won't leave because of what society will say or because of love; because if a woman loves a man, she can stand anything.

Honestly, I still believe a man should have no reason to hit a woman, when we talk like we do and it gets too much, leave us alone. Go out, get some air and when you come back settle things. Don’t just start raising your manly hands to hit on a woman. It doesn’t say much about you being a man.

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