Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Nigeria Has Decided

                            photo credits: Nigerian Tribune
#NIGERIA HAS DECIDED. After Nigerians defied rainfall,sunshine,fustration from card readers,even sunlight as some votes were casted till late in the night on saturday and into sunday in some states. The results for the 2015 presidentia elections were finally collated yesterday. As announced by Prof Attahiru Jega, chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission... "14 candidates, fielded by 14 political parties participated in the election. We'd like to announce the votes for each party" Acredited voters - 31,756,490 AA - 22, 125 ACPN - 40,311 AP - 30,673 ADC - 29,666 APA - 53,537 APC - 15,424,921 CPP - 36,300 HOPE - 7,435 KOWA - 13,076 NCP - 24, 455 PDP - 12,853,162 PPN - 24,475 UDP - 9,208 UPP - 18,220 Total valid votes - 28,587,564 Rejected votes - 844, 519 Total - 29,432,083 APC emerging the winner of the election having certified the requirements of the law and scored the highest number of votes in the elections closely followed by the incumbent president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,he gave a hearty congratulation speech to the APC and Nigerians as well as they made the econcluded elections peaceful,free and fair. He has indeed proven to the world that Nigeria can have a free and fair election without voilence. Come May 29, 2015, Nigeria will have a new president in the person of Gen. Mohammed Buhari and we can only hope that their motto 'change' will be for good and make Nigerians happy in their ruling.

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  1. Sheey na change una want, una don get am naaa.


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