Thursday, 13 April 2017

Something every lady has experienced

Let's be honest cheap discounts doesn't always mean original or authentic
Now every body loves a bargain but a lady who locates where she can get makeup products at cheap rates is the happiest in the room. 
So I went to the market and found a  cosmetic shop it's not like I was even looking for anything but there's something about cosmetics that just draws you in besides you can never get enough products. 
I saw a #houseoftara #faridamattelipstick and of course I immediately grabbed it the product and did I mention it was at a discounted rate!
When I got home I just had to try it out the whole feeling of having just bought something. After using it it didn't feel like matte at all and my "discounted" product ended up in the bin.
I then headed to where I first fell in love with #Farida and got myself an authentic product.
Based on experience it's better to #buyAuthentic than buy "discounted" products that might not even end up being original
#BeautyEnthusiast #HOTwriters

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