Monday, 18 April 2016

Never Have I Ever

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Never have I ever.
Never have I ever lacked running water in my house in Lagos(raise your hands) (don't lie o).
Lol it takes me back to a funny...not so funny time in my life. I just got back from school and shortly after that I heard water stopped rushing into the tank(if you live in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria you should understand what that means when you don't have a borehole) I started monitoring all the water being used because I knew the implications of the" no water entering tank" situation. Trust the boys what is their business? They must use boys....eventually to my greatest dismay the water ran out and we had no option but to go to the general street borehole(of course i went around five or six am) if you see me you will laugh.
Imagine this, carrying water on my head with my wrapper and brothers oversized slippers,at first water would pour on me because honestly i wasn't used to carrying water on my head. It took some to get my balance. Its really not something one can get used to. Its only to hope and pray that water doesn't finish if not get ready for different characters at the tap,those that will see your bucket but still put their own there or pack their family and entire yards bucket as if they are building a dam with the water or when you fetch it and you see someone mis using the water or you have to prevent yourself from washing(which is really hard for someone like me that literally washes everyday..not kidding)
Finally its not easy sha..the annoying part for me is when I cant go back to bed when I'm done but in all the drama I remember that a wise man once said "if you want to enjoy the realities of Gods blessings you must walk in love" 

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