Saturday, 16 April 2016

Mr Red Toyota/Honda

So here i was rushing under the hot sun to use the ATM along the junction close to my street. Thankfully there was traffic(hehe i hate crossing Lagos roads) which allowed me to cross without running. I got there and there was only one machine working and to my dismay about five people waiting in line apart from the guy using the machine which i didn't even notice. After some minutes he bounced off with a wad of cash in his hands not less than 100k(seriously) and strolled into his Red Toyota or Honda (i'm not sure which). As my eyes were on his tall and huge dark frame he reversed out of the parking lot and I caught his plate number or what was meant to be his plate number and smiled. It simply read "TONI" I was like wow he's a big boy ooo when people were saying things are hard here he was cashing up (not like i knew what the money was for). I then remembered what my pastor said about the economy: "Don't let anyone persuade you to believe there is scarcity of resources. Rather its the greed of man that manipulates the flow of resources" and I believe Mr Red Toyota/Honda had caught a revelation for financial increase in crisis times!
  "He could have just withdrawn 40k once instead of wasting our time", the man after him said to no one in particular when he was done withdrawing. I was just about replying "Maybe he wasn't using the banks ATM card" (with the highest non bank withdrawal being 20k) when Mr Red Toyota/Honda drove past and his car sticker caught my attention.......
We attended the same church!!!
Small world(not that i might never meet him again the chances were 1 in 100)

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