Friday, 3 April 2015

The Unbelief Disease

Unbelief in oneself is a big strategy towards under-achievement if not complete failure in any endeavor one might delve into. It is like a terrible natural disease that torments an individual whenever taking a bold step towards doing something meaningful and remarkable is at hand and waiting to be accomplished.
One of the most disappointing aspect of this awful trend (unbelief) is the assurance it gives that one does not stand a chance or possess the skills to perform a given task at hand. Thus, withdrawal from a specific task most times under flimsy and self pleasing colourful excuses spring up as the pillar that gives support to the inability to break new grounds and make headway in life opportunities.
Disheartenly, unbelief in oneself as an unwelcome negative human spirit has won in the game of toying with people's future through fanning the embers of low self-esteem and unnecessary fear in people and folks alike.
Nowadays, it is never a thing of great astonishment to see an individual who is almost at the brink of accomplishing a feat allow his dreams to crack like an egg due to self delusion of "I can't do it."
This behavioral nuisance could be found among people in different spheres of life. Students and the generality of youths form the bedrock of people who have over time been afflicted with unbelief in their different abilities. It is quite normal to see a student categorically assert that he has no chance of getting a good grade in a particular course in school. Most people who have unfortunately found themselves in such a tight corner do not think of any possible chance or way of sailing through when any challenge of sort unfolds.
Unsurprisingly, with the fastness of a Cheetah the conclusion of "I can't do it" is made, perhaps, without any second thought. They feel coming out victorious in the challenge they are faced with is like turning water into wine or an attempt to make the sun shine in the middle of the night. This is sorrowful and demoralizing.
Uninterestingly, some come out in a different fashion of as long as "this particular lecturer is teaching this course, my chances of doing well is highly limited," as a result, inviting failure when it had not come their way.
Youths of our time want what is already made by some other person to be given to them on a golden platter. Sadly, that initiative, dexterity and driving spirit that sink despondency and inferiority complex seem to have evaporated out of their lives; is quite hard to see youths taking bold steps and doing note-worthy things that would be of utmost benefit to them and the society at large.
There is need for people to begin to discover and believe in themselves and who they are. This starts with thinking and self discovery of one's natural abilities coupled with the building of courage and confidence launched on the path of determination.
It is in you to believe in yourself and to have a positive mindset of always coming out successful in all life challenges and endeavors you may be confronted with. It is in you to tell yourself "you can do this" and come out tops. It is also in you to encourage others and plant the "I can do spirit" in them. This starts with you because it is in you to cure the unbelief disease in you and in others.

Written by JOHN CHUKWU

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