Monday, 16 February 2015

Feeling the Heat of the weather? What To wear to Work on a Hot day

It gets hot almost everywhere around the globe, in some places right now, it is hot, while in other places, it is cold. Earlier, an article on what to wear and how to dress in the cold weather was published, now we are going to focus on how to dress up when it is cold.

Clothes that are light, free not too dark coloured come a long way in helping matters. Basically sleeveless clothes or short sleeved clothes also come in handy. For the ladies, going sleeveless would be a better option seeing that you don't wanna be caught with sweat patches on your cloth. One has to try to look as professional as always.

Just don’t go too lightweight. Stay away from 100-percent-linen garments, which tend to wrinkle excessively. Most importantly, don’t forget the power of a good tailor. A great-fitting garment can make all the difference between frumpy and fabulous.

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