Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mothers' Day

Most times I settle down and imagine what it would be like to carry a child for nine good months,deliver then have a mini me to look after,its a whole lot of work to look after myself let alone children who till at a certain point need to be listened to,taken care of,cautioned,directed and protected. But over the years mothers around the world including mine have been able to take on the mantle of child care above every other thing they do. They should not just be appreciated once a year but everyday because even though, most times, we feel they don't understand us or mean well for us, they really do in more ways that they can express. By their actions and words they have proven to be dependable and accountable people. Since its MOTHER'S DAY I have to wish my lovely mother Ifeoma Ann Okorie, my colleague's mother Nkeiru C Chukwumobi, all the mothers in the world and not excluding future mothers like me, a  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

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